New Zealand Landscape Photographic Prints

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Beautiful Photo Prints

Invest in photographic art prints that will provide a lifetime of pleasure.

New Zealand offers many opportunities to connect with, and be amazed by, the essence of Nature.

The unique and extraordinary can be found in the dramatic landscape, as well as in the smallest details of ordinary objects.

Whether it is black sand beaches, crystal blue springs, hardy flaxes and cabbage trees waving in the robust winds, or the rolling hills and craggy mountains, New Zealand will delight the observant eye and the receptive soul.

Gerald Lopez has captured these in ways that are timeless, and that invite continued gazing which reveals infinite layers of depth and experience.

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Gerald Lopez

Gerald has lived in Auckland, New Zealand, for 25 years. He previously worked as an architectural photographer in London, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore, and has been involved with the publication of several coffee table books.

He is drawn back to his early experiences with film photography, and now shoots mainly with black & white film. He travels around with a 1998 Range Rover, and uses a Nikon F2AS and Hasselblad 500CM, iconic cameras from the 1980s.

Gerald is concerned with raising awareness of the delicacy of our relationship with our surrounding world, and feels that it is the key to shifting out of the destruction and alienation of a materialistic paradigm. This is his motivation and driving value in photographing the world, creating beautiful prints, and selling them to collectors.
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Enhance Your Space

Art photographic prints make a statement. They show that you care about your living and working spaces. Gerald's works have a timeless elegance that can complement any interior style.

Photographic prints can suit lounges, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms, and go well in hotels, offices and other public spaces.

Whether you are a home owner or interior designer, consider hanging beautiful art photo prints on your walls. Click the button below to view our growing selection.
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